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Spice Route

The Spice Route tour expands through 2 stations on the historical trade route, from Ein Saharonim in the Ramon Crater to Moa in the Arava valley. Its a scenic and historical tour that traces a small section of the Spice Route. The Spice Route was one of the main trade routes it crossed the Arabian and the Negev deserts thorough Petra  to Gaza a  port on the Mediterranean shore. The Spice Route derives its name from the exotic spices like the Frankenscene and  Myrrh .

 Jeep Tours Spice Route
1 day jeep tour which is spans across 2 Nabatean stations  Ein Saharonim to Moa, out of a total of 65 stations.  A 2nd tour covers 2 stations in  the city of Avdat and Ein Saharonim in the Ramon Crater.



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Spice Route

Spice Route Negev Desert Israel

1 day


Avdat + Ein Saharonim

Avdat city and Ein Saharonim in the Ramon Crater

1 day